Can Russian agriculture benefit from the sanctions/embargo cycle? (BRET on France 24)

Elena VOLOCHINE (@elenavolochine), journalist on France 24, highlights an unexpected consequence of the UE-Russia trade tensions: the rebirth of the domestic food production.

Before the Ukrainian crisis, Russia was massively dependent on food imports (up to 40%). Today, protected  against international competition by the ban on German, Polish, Ukrainian, French, etc. products, and supported by federal subsidies, the Russian farmers and entrepreneurs are  (re)setting up production in the fisheries, vegetable, dairy, etc. sectors.

Can Russia reach agricultural self-sufficiency? Can the Russian agrobusiness be competitive in the long run? Does it mean that the sanctions are inefficient? Cyrille BRET answers the questions of France 24 on Russian economy in general and the agribusiness in particular.

Here is the link to the interview: Bret Focus France 24 Russian Agriculture


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