The Versailles Meeting: why did Putin come to meet the new French President? (PARMENTIER quoted by RBK – Russia)

Putin’s visit to Versailles has been widely commented in the international press. As a staunch pro-European, at a time it was not as popular as it used to be in France, Emmanuel Macron might have been critical of the Russian President and supposed meddling into the French political campaign. According to RBK, the French President has shown pragmatism and readiness to work with Russia. The 300-year anniversary of Peter the Great’s visit to Louis XV could not happen to be more appropriate to open a new dialogue – though this dialogue may be demanding. « We might finally agree on what we disagree » can be the new rule of the game.

«Макрон-президент будет отличаться от Макрона-кандидата, о чем и говорит его желание встретиться с Путиным с глазу на глаз. У нас могут быть разные интересы, но мы должны вести диалог — таков принцип Макрона», — полагает эксперт Высшей коммерческой школы (HEC Paris) Флоран Пармантье.
(The President Macron will differ from the candidate Macron – that’s why a meeting was necessary; we may have different interests, but we need a genuine and open dialogue)


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