Minsk agreements: what law interpretation is about (PARMENTIER – Normandy Youth Forum)

Florent Parmentier has been invited at the Normandy Youth Forum (8th December) for a round-table on Minsk agreements and law interpretation, with Matthias Hartwig, Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute, and Bohdan Bernatskyi, Senior lecturer at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Interpretation of law agreement in the Minsk agreements deals with: the object (the end result pursued through interpretation); the players (the social dimension of interpretation); the rules (the ‘cards’ in the game) and the gameplay (game strategies). As a matter of example, the Ukrainian side insists that the expression « Minsk agreement » is not appropriate, and should be replaced by « Minsk protocols » (implying that it is not a Treaty); the Russian side is eager to gain leverage thanks to the Minsk agreements, aiming at reaching a ‘Bosnia-like’ kind of agreement. The future of the Normandy format is now far from certain.

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