France Sticks to Position That It Will Take 10-15 Years For Ukraine To Join the EU (PARMENTIER – CNSNews)

Macron proposed the creation of a “European political community” which he said would make the integration of Ukraine, short of membership, easier and faster. (…)

According to Florent Parmentier, associate researcher at the Center for Geopolitics at the HEC business school in Paris, the war in Ukraine itself will make it difficult to speed up Kyiv’s E.U. application.

“The most plausible scenario is unfortunately that of a war that will last, without a real winner,” he said. With Ukraine needing to be rebuilt, he said, the E.U. would “have to put its hands in its pocket.”

Parmentier said there was no indication that member-states viewed as more “frugal” would be willing to do so. He listed some of these as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Germany.