The Rise of the European Political Community: A French Perspective (PARMENTIER – The Georgian Institute of Politics)

On May 9, President Macron presented his project of creating a ‘European Political Community’ (EPC) during his speech at the European Parliament in Strasburg. Despite an initial period of skepticism, this idea was approved during European Council on 23-24 June, the same day the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia was recognized. The EPC was officially launched on October 6, in Prague Castle, including 44 delegations of countries inside and outside the EU.

The EPC aims to organize Europe from a political point of view without making everything rest exclusively on the EU, with the exclusion of Russia and Belarus. As a participating country in this platform, Georgia should use this format to ‘speed up’ the process of Georgia’s integration into the EU through political cooperation.

The EPC is not a new organization, not a substitute for enlargement or a placebo: it is an intergovernmental forum that should help foster cooperation and achieve convergence for peace and stability on the European continent.

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