Emmanuel Macron’s new government (PARMENTIER for RBK – Russia)

French President Emanuel Macron has named Edouard Philippe, 46, as France’s new Prime Minister. The new President Emmanuel Macron gave ministerial jobs to conservatives, socialists and newcomers to politics on Wednesday, May 17th.



What is the likely outcome of this government in terms of foreign policy, and relations with Russia? Florent Parmentier is interviewed and quoted by RBK (with Arnaud Dubien) to answer this question. The new Philippe’s team is undeniably pro-European: Sylvie Goulard is among the best EU specialists in France, Bruno Le Maire is a perfect German speaker and a former Minister of European affairs and Jean-Yves Le Drian, a heavyweight moderate socialist, has been a supporter of European integration for decades. The presidential foreign affairs adviser, Etienne Philippe, was supposed to become the next French Ambassador in Moscow. It remains to be seen how this political line can fit with the Russian foreign policy.


Read (in Russian): http://www.rbc.ru/politics/17/05/2017/591c291f9a79471caae04800