The significance of Putin’s visit to Versailles for Ukraine (PARMENTIER quoted in HROMADSKE – Ukraine)

The visit of Vladimir Putin to Versailles came as a surprise to many observers, so close to Macron’s own election. Of course, he had already a bilateral meeting with Angela Merkel the day after his election, and he had a diplomatic « marathon » (NATO and G7), but Vladimir Putin was the first guest invited (and it was also his first time in Versailles – a Palace made to impress).

Interestingly enough, Emmanuel Macron has come to find a new diplomatic line: pro-European and anti-Russophobic. He wants a take a leadership in the relationship with Russia while Germany is focused on its own internal elections, without sacrificing Ukrainian’s interests. This visit was also designed to conquer a majority in the parliamentary elections.

Florent Parmentier was interviewed by Hromadske (Ukraine).


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