What can Georgia expect from the US under President Trump (PARMENTIER pour Pravda Slovakia)

Among other specialists (Neil McFarlane and Konrad Zasztowt), Florent Parmentier has been interviewed by Andrei Matsiak, a journalist for Pravda (Slovakia), on the following topic:  What can Georgia expect from the US under President Trump?

Florent ParmentierAdjunct Professor in Sciences Po, Director of EurAsia Prospective

The American President has been weakened by recent scandals and press campaign. Paradoxically, his main weakness is also an asset: the anti-establishment movement is quite strong now in many States in the USA. The political mood is divided between an anti-Russian bias in Washington and a somehow more pro-Putin (as a White nationalist) movement in the region. The contradiction remains and may last until the Presidency. Grassroots nationalist movements are still dedicated to the President.

So far however, the establishment has marginalized the President, which now is in a position of leading an unclear foreign policy; still claiming to cooperate with Russia, and imposing sanctions on Russia. In this context, Georgia should trust Mike Pence, unless a big change prevails (for instance, a breakthrough in the relations with Russia on North Korea, Syria or another international stake).


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