Ukraine’s cooperation with China: what consequences for its relations with the EU and the USA ? (PARMENTIER – New Europe / Segodnya)

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Florent Parmentier, Secretary General, the Center of political researches of Sciences Po (CEVIPOF), France

« Ukraine needs to diversify his partners, combining access to EU markets and European political support, a US diplomatic and military support and relations with other key players in order to strengthen its negotiation position with Russia. China is a player with a strong ability to invest in the Ukrainian economy, as it has already done in other Central and Eastern European countries. Yet, the rising tensions between Washington DC and Beijing has two strategic implications: it diminishes the status of Russia as ‘the favourite rival’ for the US, and it makes an economic rapprochement with China more difficult at a time when Ukraine desperately needs investment. Should it follow Poland’s example (an alignment with US position in the technological field) or follow its own path? EU finds it difficult to have a unified view on this issue, some countries (Italy, Greece, Hungary, etc.) being labeled as ‘panda-kissers’ while others are more skeptical. Putting aside investment in technology, Ukraine would take advantage in discussing with all the international players and doing business in sectors which do not threaten its digital and technological sovereignty. The latter is now at the top of EU agenda and there might be a common ground of discussion and action with EU partners. »

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